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The Stunning Debut...


If someone told seventeen-year-old McKenna Rose she was bound by a witch’s spell, she’d say they were crazy. Besides, she has enough to deal with. Two years ago, McKenna dropped out of school after she lost her mother in a car accident. McKenna blames herself for her death. Now she’s back in high school trying to adjust to normal life.


When McKenna starts having visions–including one revealing she has magical powers–she rethinks the whole supernatural thing. Dark forces are after the ones she loves. If McKenna’s going to help them, she must harness the magic within her. But she doesn’t know how.


Enter Luke Owens, the mysterious, new guy in school with magic all his own. A spell binds them together, but McKenna doesn’t trust easily. When word of her magic gets out, she’s stalked by Dreamwalkers and haunted by Seekers. Luke’s enemy targets her as well. To stay safe, McKenna and Luke must combine forces.


But Luke’s betrayal shatters their relationship. Alone, McKenna might not be strong enough to defend herself against the evil out to destroy her. But forgiving Luke may keep McKenna from forgiving herself. McKenna must decide whether to trust Luke again, or go it alone. Only the right choice will keep her alive.

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